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Our radio talk show "After Life" features mediums from around the world. Also under the name "Angels in Waiting" the show was a huge success on two L.A. stations for a two year run. Marisa Ryan has dazzled our audience with her marvelous gift of being a medium as well as her knowledge of the subject and her sincere compassion towards the callers. She has a certain charm that appeals to a large audience whether on the radio or at live events that we've held in Los Angeles. She has a fan base who constantly asks when her next appearance on the show is going to be. My own mother is a huge fan of Marisa's and asks about her all the time.
Shaun Valentine, Host/Creator of Afterlife
Celestial Global Media, Inc.

Marisa was just incredible. This was the first reading I have ever had and I could not believe the validating detail she received. She said things that she could not have known. I now am a true believer that life does exist after death.
A.G. Garden Grove, CA

My reading was amazing. Through my father, Marisa was able to talk in detail about childhood memories that she could not have known about. She is very gifted and her messages are very clear. She even described the house I grew up in and she has never been there. I never really believed in this kind of thing but she said certain things that I know it is for real.
M.T. Huntington Beach, CA

After the death of my son, I thought I would never smile again. When I spoke with Marisa she said some really incredible things that just blew my mind. She gave me messages from my son that cleared up some unanswered questions. She described my son as if he was standing right in front of her. Even though the pain will never go away, I can now smile from time to time thanks to Marisa.
J.C. Bolder, CO

When Marisa gave me a private psychic reading I must admit that I went into it with interest but not with complete belief in such things. From the very beginning Marisa was accurate in validating plans that I alone have been musing over. Marisa verified deep hidden desires and allowed me to see a future with clarity that I had envisioned for myself. Marisa not only verified future plans she brought peace regarding family matters that have troubled me. Marisa has a graceful approach in delivering guidance which clearly comes from a higher power. Marisa is not only accurate in her reading, she exhibits a truly giving and caring heart.
R.H. Huntington Beach, CA

Marisa is amazing. My son committed suicide almost 9 months ago. I have had a very hard time understanding this. Marisa helped me to know that my son was sick, and not in his right mind. She repeated almost verbatim what the suicide letter had said to me. He sees the candle's that I light for him each night and they mean a lot to him. The reading made me feel so much better because of the stigma attached to suicides. I do know that he is in a much better place. Fly well my angel! And thanks again Marisa. God bless you.

B.W. Midvale, UT

Wow, Marisa hit it right on.  It was like she was in my head and we were on the phone.  She knew I had 3 kids and even got the genders right.  She described my entire life.  She helped me get clear on my goals and gave me a map to achieve them.  I feel so inspired and motivated! 
R. L. Brentwood, CA

Marisa told me I was going to marry a man with a daughter named Jamie.  She described him and the truck he drove and the career he had.  Two years later I met that man and married him.  I have never been happier.  Thank you Marisa.  You are amazing.
D. P. San Diego, CA

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